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Written by Syria Cartoon   
Saturday, 23 October 2021 07:04

Cartoonist for climate

رسام من أجل المناخ
الموضوع تغيير المناح والمعرض مخصص للشباب فقط
من عمر 13 سنة حتى 26 سنة
بدءاً من 26 أكتوبر حتى 12 نوفمبر

  ينشر العمل على الشبكات الاجتماعية
(Twitter و Instagram و Facebook)
من خلال إضافة علامات التصنيف
#Cartooningforclimate #CartoonYouthChallenge

وتكتب معلومات المشارك

On the occasion of the COP26, Cartooning for Peace and the Climate Academy invite you to participate in the #Cartooningforclimate press cartoon campaign.
What is #Cartooningforclimate?
#Cartooningforclimate is a campaign of press cartoons initiated by Cartooning for Peace and carried out by all young people who wish to do so.
Climate change is the major challenge of our time. What will happen to our cities with climate change? How should they adapt? It’s up to you to imagine!
Why participate?
All the lights are on, we need to act! Share your ideas in cartoons and join the campaign!
What is a press cartoon?
A press cartoon is a cartoon that conveys a strong message, asserts a point of view and seeks to shake up readers, sometimes with humour, to make them think.
How to participate?
It’s simple, just draw a cartoon and post it on social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) by adding the hashtags #Cartooningforclimate #CartoonYouthChallenge and identifying @cartooningforpeace @academieduclimat @paris.
You can add your first name, age and nationality or place of residence to the post. But above all, don’t forget to sign your cartoon!
Who can participate?
#Cartoonningforclimate is open to all young people aged 13 to 26, anywhere in the world. The cartoons can be in several languages.
When can I participate?
The campaign is open from 25 October to 12 November 2021.
The Cartooning for Climate campaign is part of the educational cycle built with the Climate Academy, which offers a special event in December, benefiting from the Solidev label of the City of Paris and the support of the Fondation de France. For more information.
Con motivo de la COP26, Cartooning for Peace y la Academia del Clima te invitan a participar en la campaña de dibujos de prensa #Cartooningforclimate.




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