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Monday, 19 July 2021 20:32

End of Judgment| Book Cartoon Contest -Iran 2021

خبر من  بينالي الكتاب الدولي الخامس في إيران
الموضوع الكتاب والأطفال- الكتاب والفايروس...إلخ
وبحسب موقع إيران كارتون فقد شارك في الحدث 637 فنانًا من 65 دولة 

“Book and Children”, “Book, Librarian and Library”, “Book and Media”, “Book and Coronavirus”.

List of Participants



End of Judgment| Book Cartoon Contest

At the end of the final judging session of the works sent to the secretariat of the fifth international biennial "Cartoon Book" on Saturday, July 17, with the presence of Masoud Shojaei Tabatabai (biennial secretary) and Mr. Alireza Zakeri, Sajjad Rafie and Aref Niazi, the Iranian judges of this biennial in the hall The meetings of the National Public Library Foundation are practically the final work of this competition, and with the announcement of the opinion of the Library Foundation to hold the awards ceremony, the file of this biennial course will be closed.

According to the biennial cartoon cartoon secretariat, a total of 637 artists from 65 countries participated in the event, during which about 1600 works were sent to the festival secretariat, of which 945 professional works and 219 amateur works and a total of 1146 works for publication. They were selected on the site of this biennial and were judged in both professional and amateur sections.

The meeting took place after a panel of foreign judges judging via cyberspace, during which Messrs. Ares (Aristide Hernandez ) from Cuba, Dalcio Machado from Brazil, and Nicola Listes from Croatia, all of whom are world-renowned artists, each Which 30 works were selected and introduced with a score of one to 30, and then the final stage of judging by evaluating the submitted works in 4 subjects: "Book, Librarian and Library", "Book and Media", "Book and Child" and "Book and Corona" And were judged by indicators such as the ability to communicate between the work and the general audience, the closeness and relevance of the works to the subjects, creativity in idea and execution, innovation and innovation, and finally technique.

Fortunately, out of a total of 637 artists participating in this event, we witnessed the presence of more than 268 Iranian artists. During the judging of the works, in the first stage of judging, works that were not related to the subject and lacked high quality were removed; In the second stage, the works that had the most connection with the topics raised for this biennial were selected, and in the third stage, 8 final works were introduced. The first to third place winners will be awarded € 1,500 for the first prize plus a plaque and a statuette, the second prize for € 1,000 plus a plaque and a statuette and the third prize for € 500 plus a plaque and statue.

It was also decided to award five million Tomans to three Iranian professional artists in addition to a plaque and a statue, and in the side section of this biennial, which was dedicated to the competition of novice or amateur artists, and about 400 works were evaluated, to two people worth two million Tomans. Awarded with a plaque of appreciation.



Director  | Raed Khalil

موقع الكارتون الســـوري
مدير الموقع: رائد خليـــل
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