winners of International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection/2017China نتائج مسابقة حماية البيئة في الصين Print
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Friday, 23 March 2018 22:17

winners of International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection/2017China
نتائج مسابقة حماية البيئة في الصين


 موقع الكارتون السوري يبارك للصديقين الفنانين عماد صالحي ووسام خليل الفوز في المسابقة الدولية الثانية عشرة في الصين
ونتمنى لهما دوام التوفيق والنجاح المستمر

“Lucid waters and lush mountains,beautiful homeland”

2017 Twelfth International Environmental Protection Comics & Illustrator Contest Announced
The 12th International Environmental Protection Cartoon & Illustration Competition was sponsored by the China Daily, the United Nations Environment Program, the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Ministry of Environmental Education Center, the China Environmental Protection Foundation, and the China News Cartoon Research Association. China Daily, 21st Century English-language newspaper and's international comics competition.
The current competition of the competition has started in December 2017. After one and a half months of manuscripts, more than 3,000 submissions from authors from thirty-four countries including China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Singapore, and Greece have been received. .
After careful review by the judges, a total of 1 gold medal in the social group, 2 silver medals, 3 bronze medals and 50 outstanding awards were selected; 1 gold medal in the student group, 2 silver medals, 3 bronze medals, and 50 outstanding awards .

Winners list:

Award of Excellence: Seyran Caferli-Azerbaijan

wesam khalil(
Social Group Award of Excellence) 

Social Group Gold Award
"No title" Andrea Pecchia
Social Group Silver Award
  1. "EARTH" EhsanGanji
  2. "The Common Homeland" Zhao Bin
Social Group Bronze Award
  1. "China Speed" Wang Jiaming
  3. "Pity" Yang Xiangyu
Social Group Award of Excellence (in no particular order)
  1. Beautiful homeland Wesam Khalil
  2. "the water and land of the earth and the destruction of the forests" Emad Salehi
  3. Deep Roots and Leaves Mao Yaming
  4. "Noisy you did not discuss" Shen Tiancheng
  5. "No title" Oleksy Kustovsky
  6. "No title" HUSEYIN CAKMAK
  7. "Green Hills, Beautiful Homeland" Han Yinghong
  8. "The mother and child" Wang Zhiguang
  9. "No title" Eder Santos
  10. "New Characters" series Wang Yuqing
  11. "No title" Galym Boranbayev
  12. Guanshan Travel Map Zheng Limin
  13. "Do not make the ancient temple hidden deep" Zhu Xi
  14. "No title" Kazanevsky Vladimir
  15. "Feeding" Xia Ruizhong
  16. "Cleaning" Zhu Jin
  17. "No title" Mohammad Soheil Mohammadi
  18. "Insufficient Space" Yang Duoyi
  19. "The new work of Yan" Qiu Liquan
  20. "Puzzle" Xiao Erliang
  21. "Barbarian Growth" Sun Demin
  22. "Untitled" Li Jingshan
  23. "No title" Trayko Popov
  24. "This tiger is bigger than me" Hao Yanpeng
  25. "Smoke" Li Runquan
  27. "No title" Ali Ghanaat
  28. "Sustainable Development Needs Sustainable Energy" Li Chengxuan
  29. "Untitled" Lu Nan
  30. "Using Clean Energy to Build a Better Home"
  31. "Green Home" Li Xiang
  32. Ekoloji Menekse CAM
  33. "Green Mood is Treated as Baby" Cai Weidong
  34. "Selective Blindness" Cao Yi
  35. Dream Tree House Liang Junqi
  36. "No title" Efat Amjadipoor
  37. "Green Water Castle" Duan Kailin
  38. "No title" Mansoure Dehghani
  39. "Building a Beautiful Home" 翟桂溪
  40. "The Future" Hairihan
  41. "Get close to nature" Cui Huaiyang
  42. "No title" LESLIE RICCIARDI
  43. "Farewell" Hu Wei
  44. "Trees:" My age is up to you." Cui Li
  45. "last beauty of part of country" Serdar Kiciklar
  46. "Treasuring a bit of energy and creating a beautiful environment"
  47. "Our Green Home" Zhang Shengbo
  48. Oasa Josef Prchal
  49. "Green Planet" Zbigniew Kolaczek
  50. "Qoyunlar" Seyran Caferli
Student Group Gold Award
Environmental Protection Elham jahanfard Nasser Khosrow University
Student Group Silver Award
  1. "Where is our new home" series Xu Zhiyuan Tianjin University of Technology
  2. "World Famous Painting Exhibition" Tang Xiaolei Zhejiang University of Science and Technology
Student Group Bronze Award
  1. "No title" Hannani
  2. "Retaining the Green" series Zhang Feng Jinan University
  3. "Jellyfish" Wang Jingli, Liaoning Normal University