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the Salão do Humor da cidadania "Prejudice Is Not Grace مسابقة سالو داهومر-البرزايل PDF Print E-mail
Written by Syria Cartoon   
Friday, 06 April 2018 15:47

the Salão do Humor  da cidadania "Prejudice Is Not Grace
مسابقة سالو داهومر-البرزايل

الموضوع التحيز ليس نعمة
يمكن المشاركة ب3 رسوم ترسل بحجم 29×42سم إلى الايميل التالي
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ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالية والشرفية



The proposal of the Salão do Humor "Prejudice Is Not Grace" is to expand the integration of sectors of society to the cultural agenda of inclusion in the fight against prejudice, strengthening of citizenship, promotion, defense and protection of human rights, through of humorous graphic design in the categories of cartoon, cartoons, cartoons and humor strips, revealing 1) prejudiced attitudes; 2) coexistence and respect for differences; 3) defense of human rights.


"Prejudice Is Not Grace" is the theme of this Salão do Humor. Prejudice, formed of preconceived ideas, fueled by beliefs, feelings, behavioral tendencies, starts from a judgment or opinion that is usually based on limited, superficial information on the subject at hand. Misinformation about the judge or opinion can create stereotypes. This can lead to treatments in a discriminatory and criminal manner. The most common types of prejudice are those based on race, social status, sexual orientation and disability, although intolerance is not limited to these forms but to any ideas or expression of any person.


a) The professional or amateur cartoonists (16 years old), local, from other states and abroad, of Brazilian and foreign nationality, may participate;

b) Each participant can compete with up to three unpublished works (cartoon, cartoons, cartoon or humor strip), modalities: 1) prejudiced attitudes; 2) coexistence and respect for differences; 3) defense of human rights to compose the general theme of the hall of humor, "prejudice is not fun";

c) The candidate, when signing up for this event, is aware that he / she is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data and authorship of the submitted works, responding civilly and criminally if it is proven, during or after competition, the falsity of the data or authorship. works sent;

d) The persons of the Judging Committee are excluded from participation.


a) The registration will be made at the time of delivery of the work(s);

b) Application forms will be made available in public places and on the own site to be formalized / disclosed;

c) The registration can be done directly, via the website or by the Post Office;

d) Information through the website of the event (www.humordebrasilia.com.br), by e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or telephone / fax to be communicated;

e) The homologation of the inscriptions made in the site will be confirmed by means of e-mail, in the others it is the left-hand one of the registration form;

f) The registration will imply acceptance of this regulation, in all terms, as well as in the compliance with the final result of the contest and as to the destination and use of the drawings.


a) The works must be sent in horizontal or vertical A3 (297 mm X 420 mm) format, in JPEG, with a minimum of 300 DPI;

b) Cartoonists who participate with more than one work must send them attached at a single time or separately, but with identification of the registration form completed and also attached;

c) The organization is not responsible for registration not received due to technical reasons of computers, congestion, faults of communication lines, as well as any other factor that makes it impossible to send success via the site of the event.


a) The work should be sent in A3 (297 mm X 420 mm) horizontal or vertical format;

b) The works must be sent by Mail at the address of the Cooperativa Central Base de Apoio ao Sistema ECOSOL in Distrito Federal Base Brasília Ltda, located in the Setor Hoteleiro Sul - Quadra 1 - Bloco A - Galeria do Hotel Nacional – Lojas 36/37 - Asa Sul - Brasília - Distrito Federal - CEP: 70.322-900

c) The works must be sent together with the completed registration form, containing the outside address of the envelope, highlighting the address of Humor Hall of Citizenship: "Preconceito Não Tem Graça";

d) The works sent by the Post Office must have appropriate packaging, without responsibility of the organization of the event for damages caused by the sending;

e) The organization is not responsible for registration not received due to misuse of correspondence, strike of the Post Office, as well as any other factor that prevents the success of the mailing.


a) Registration and delivery of the works until July 10, 2018
(the date of posting of the works will be considered for registration purposes);

b) Judgment and selection of works - July 23, 2018;

c) Production and printing of catalog of works - until October 2018;

d) Opening of the exhibition / award of selected drawings of graphic humor of the Salon - August 23, 2018;

e) Exhibition with public visitation will occur in the period from August 23 to 27, 2018;

f) Seminar - ("the production of graphic humor and the publishing market") - August 24, 2018

g) Graphic humor drawing workshops - August 24-27, 2018

h) Posterist course (graphic arts) - August 25, 2018

i) Discussion forum ("Bullyng and Human Rights") - August 25, 2018


a) For selection and award criteria criteria of creativity, originality and relevance to the theme and proposed modalities will be obeyed, in an evaluation that will be the responsibility of the Judging Committee, whose sovereign decisions must be accepted by the participants, without any possibility of challenge;

b) Technical Jury - The Judging Committee, invited, will be formed by 5 members. This one, will select from the works received 90 works for exhibition and printing in catalog;

c) Of the 90 selected works will be awarded 08 works, modalities, chosen by the Judging Commission (Technical) and 03 chosen by popular vote, whose decisions will be unappealable;

d) Popular Jury - It will be constituted by the visitors of the exhibition that by means of voting will choose, individually, three works exposed during the exhibition;

e) Selected papers will also be on the Internet for popular vote, on the event's website during the exhibition period: August 23-27, 2018.


a) The 90 works selected in the modalities 1) prejudiced attitudes; 2) coexistence and respect for differences; 3) defense of human rights, integrate the exhibition and the printed catalog;

b) The selected ones will be granted by the Judging, Technical Committee, acquisitions prizes in the following values:

  • International Prize (other country) – R$ 2.500,00
  • National prize (another unit of the federation) – R$ 2.500,00
    • 1º Prize Federal District – R$ 2.000,00
    • 2º Prize Federal District – R$ 1.500,00
    • 3º Prize Federal District – R$ 1.000,00
  • Best drawing Federal District:
    • prejudiced attitudes - R$ 800,00
    • coexistence and respect for differences - R$ 800,00
    • defense of human rights - R$ 800,00

c) Popular Award

  • Best drawing Federal District:
    • prejudiced attitudes - R$ 500,00
    • coexistence and respect for differences - R$ 500,00
    • defense of human rights - R$ 500,00

d) The prize values ​​will be delivered at the opening of the exhibition (if the Technical Commission judgment). The value of the Popular Jury Prize will be awarded to the winner cartoonist after the exhibition, according to the calculation. The prize money will be paid by check or deposit in current account according to information and choice of the winning participant.

e) During the thematic exhibition of the Salon, there will be a seminar ("the production of graphic humor and the publishing market"), discussion forum (Bullyng and Human Rights), graphic humor cartoons workshops and poster mini-course.


a) The works with purchase prizes will be donated to the Secretary of Culture, which will exercise the right of ownership, for use, according to their interest, which in no case will result in compensation of any kind to the authors.

b) Unselected works will be available to participants that can be withdrawn within 90 days after trial. In case they are not withdrawn, they will belong to the collection of the Cooperative proposing the project;

c) All works that are not redeemed by the participants in due time, will eventually belong to the collection of the Cooperative proposing the event, which will exercise, unrestricted and exclusive, the right of ownership, for use, according to their interest, in no case, indemnity of any kind to the perpetrators.
d) When participating in the Salon of Humor of the Citizenship "Prejudice Is Not Grace" the enrollees agree to the terms of this regulation

Raed Khalil

موقع رسام الكاريكاتور السوري رائد خليل | جميع الحقوق محفوظة


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