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Written by Syria Cartoon   
Sunday, 04 March 2018 08:16

City Memory: Taste of Reunion”—the 4th Macao International Contemporary Illustrations Competition(2017-2018)

مسابقة ماكاو الدولية الرابعة للكاريكاتور
الموضوع ثقافة الغذاء وقصة الذواقة
يمكن الدخول والتسجيل عبر الرابط التالي
آخر موعد 15/4/2018
التسجيل يتطلب دفع 8 دولارات للجهة المنظمة
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالية والخاصة

Daily diet is a fascinating social culture that cannot be ignored or replaced in our everyday life. The 4th Macao International Contemporary Illustrations Competition is themed on “City Memory: Taste of Reunion”, collecting food-inspired works to depict the culture and to present the deep connection between the eating styles and the human feelings toward them.
There is a famous saying by the gastronome Brillat Savarin: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” And the Chinese also have the idiom referring that delicious food will win universal praise. People would eat the dish again in order to retrieve the good taste that lingers in their memory. Formed by a variety of individual memories, food culture is regarded as one of the important cultural heritages, arousing the invaluable sense of belonging, love and connection among people when they are looking for that very taste in certain city.

1. Competition Theme: Food Culture and Gourmet Story
2. Submission Deadline: 1/15-4/15/2018,12:00AM
3. Eligibility: Illustrations from all over the world are eligible
4. Registration fee: USD 8 / work(Limited to 4 pieces of artworks)
5. Exhibition Area: Macao
6. Exhibition time: Jul. to Aug. of 2018
7. Submission Link: https://micic.slideroom.com/

8. Principles of works:
(1) Works shall be the original works after 2015.
(2) The theme of the work shall conform to the theme of the competition, and the style, artistic expression technique and work contents are not limited; Manual work, digital work or work created with the integrated media are all allowed; Painting, picture books, graffiti, original game pictures, cartoon and commercial illustration are all allowed.
(3) The copyright of the works shall be owned by the competitors.

9. Awards:

City Memory Great Prix(1)  MOP 8,000
City Memory Gold Award(1)  MOP 5,000
City Memory Silver Award(1)  MOP 4,000
City Memory Bronze Award(1)  MOP 3,000
City Memory Jury Award(4)    MOP 1,000
City Memory Finalists Award(30)  Certificate& Portfolio

(1) The winner of the grand prize, the gold, silver and bronze prize will be invited to present at the award ceremony of Macao (the sponsor will provide the accommodation fee of the current day and the allowance of air tickets of round trip).
(2) All the winners will obtain the winning certificate and one collection of works.

10. Organizer: Chinese Cultural Industries Promotion Association
Implementer: C P Art Projects Development Company Limited
Supporting Agency: Macao Polytechnic Institute、Macau University of Science and Technology、China Academy of Art(Animation Department, School of Media & Animation)、Sichuan Fine Arts Institute(New Media Art Department)、Macau Design Centre、Macao International Printmaking Arts Research Center、Macao Illustrators Association、The Council of China-Korea Design in Asian、Associazione di Design Cinese e Italiano in Italia、Shenzhen Illustration Association、Guangzhou Alliance of Graphic Designers、Visual China
Sponsor: Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau、Luso International Banking Limited

11. Requirements for competitors:
(1) After the 4th Macao International Contemporary Illustration Competition (hereinafter referred to as "the competition") accepts the online application of the applicant, the applicant shall agree that the applicant will not charge any fees. The China Culture Promotion Association will be authorized by the applicants to use the documents submitted by the applicants for promotion/exhibition activities of relevant awards or advertisement and printing materials of media.

(2) All the competition works shall not involve contents violating the public orders and good conventions such as pornography, violence, slander, etc.

(3) The applicant shall confirm and ensure that the applicant is the owner of the competition work or the applicant has been authorized by the owner of the competition work with all the rights, including but not limited to the copyright, design right and other rights of the competition work and the relevant intellectual right of the competition work.

(4) Terms and conditions under this agreement are under jurisdiction of the laws of the Macao Special Administration Region. As for any appeal or disputes, the courts of the Macao Special Administration Region have the right of exclusive jurisdiction.

(5) Terms and conditions of the agreement shall be formulated both in Chinese and English. If there are disputes in the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

12. Honored guest:
- Liqin Tan (America)
Tan has portrayed his inventive and autodidactic energy as an artist, educator and researcher for four decades while teaching in China, Canada, Singapore, and the U.S.A.
He is a co-director and a professor of art at Rutgers University,and has served as a core board member of the Digital Art Committee, a juror for the digital art gallery and the chairperson for Space-Time animation competition at SIGGRAPH. He was also one of the key activists during the ’85 art trend of China. In addition, he has previously worked as an art director, animator, graphic designer, and executive art editor at local and worldwide industries.
Since transferring to the field of digital art, he has pioneered the "Digital-Primitive” concepts, which have won great acclaim and a number of awards from both American and international art scenes. American media called him as a “Revolutionary Artist,” and his artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally in both solo and group shows.
In recent years, his research has focus on “Singularity Art” which explores how such technology singularity would impact on the future art. His publications include a number of articles and five books. New book Singularity Art will be published in 2018.

- Waitong Liu (HongKong, China)
Liu Waitong is a poet, writer and photographer. He has been awarded several literary prizes in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the China Times Literary Award, the United Daily News Award, and the Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Best Artist (Literature). Since his debut in 1995, Liu has published 13 collections of poetry: Cherry and Vajra , The cup of spring , and Wandering Hong Kong with Spirits etc. Also he is a photographer with several works In Search of Tsangyang Gyatso, Lonely China, Paris: Photos de scène sans titre etc.

- Shihe Dai (China)
Member of several important artist societies in China, is a renowned oil painter, aesthetic theorist and educator. Dai has been educating at the Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts since graduation in 1981. Then in 1988, he went to further study at the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg as a senior visiting scholar and held his solo exhibition there. Dai had been visiting scholar in several countries over the years and has published multiple monographs on art theory as well as his artwork collections.

- Dirco Fong (Macau, China)
CEO of Macau Design Centre and vice president of Macau Designers Association, has been working as designer for over 20 years and has been received more than 30 awards in Macau and overseas in the fields of packaging design, advertising and corporate imaging, including in the Macau Design Biennial, Design-Almanac of China, CIS Yearbook of China, China City Image Yearbook, etc. His works were exhibited in Korea, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Macau, and Fong has been the judges of various domestic and overseas design competitions.

Contact us:
TEL: (00853) 2845 5113
Phone: (00853) 6237 4169
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(Note: Please read the competition charter carefully, Personal information provided in this form will be used solely for arranging the activities. Our Association has the final interpretive and decisive rights.

Raed Khalil
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