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Written by Syria Cartoon   
Friday, 01 December 2017 20:41

World Press Cartoon-Portugal /  2018

موقع الكاريكاتور السوري
المسابقة مقسمة إلى 3 أقسام

قسم مرتبط بالأحداث وقسم حر فكاهي وقسم البورتريه( الوجوه)
ترسل الرسوم الأصلية حصرياً والمنشورة في صحف ورقية أو الكترونية معروفة
وتطبع بطاقة الدخول وتلصق خلف كل لوحة مرسلة فيها معلومات الرسم المرسل
وفي حال كان الرسم (ديجيتال) يطبع العمل بالآليه نفسها للعمل الأصلي ويرسل رابط اللوحة في الموقع الالكتروني وينسخ على
ويرفق مع الرسوم..
آخرة موعد هو 31/1/2018
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز المالية والشرفية
Concurso Internacional World Press Cartoon
AP. 1179 EC Picoas 1050-001 Lisboa


syriacartoon website
WORLD PRESS CARTOON has in 2018 the thirteenth edition and continues to hold its
main event in the city of Caldas da Rainha. We have introduced in this
edition an important innovation: the admissibility of works produced for online
publications. In order to fulfil the high quality standards that are the touch of this
organization, we maintain the last monetary prizes structure, with a Grand Prix that has
the value of ten thousand euros. To distinguish, exhibit, promote
and award the best drawings published in the world press is still our mission. Caricatures,
editorial and gag cartoons that will make a retrospective view of the world’s current affairs in 2017,
views from different cultures, drawings where the cartoonists picture and criticize the ways
of the world with humour and a sharp eye. The Jury’s task is always hard: many works from
various cultures and a growing quality. To make judging easier and to guarantee the quality and
rigour to the final selection, it is of the most importance that the authors read carefully the regulation
and present their works in conformity with the rules it defines. A universal saloon demands a universal
participation and clear and equal rules for everyone. Because the WORLD PRESS  CARTOON aims
at gathering the best in the international production of humour drawings published in the printed
or on-line journalism every year, this is a meeting the professional cartoonists should not miss!

a) The World Press Cartoon covers three main categories: Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Gag Cartoon.
b) The World Press Cartoon is not a thematic event. Its objective is to distinguish the best cartoons created and published in 2016.
c) In the category EDITORIAL CARTOON, all entries must represent events and issues that marked the news in 2017.
d) In the category CARICATURE, only works in the strictest sense of the term will be considered,
i.e., exclusively humorous portraits.
e) In the category GAG CARTOON, the works to be considered will feature subjects that are not directly related to current issues.
f) Authors are free to submit what they consider to be their best work, although clearly those personalities,
themes and events of a more universal nature will be best suited to such an international salon as the World Press Cartoon.
A) The exhibition of the selected works and the awards ceremony will take place in
the Spring of 2018, at CCC - Cultural and Congress Center of Caldas da Rainha.
a) Only the originals of the works will be accepted.
b) Top quality printed versions of works produced by digital or mixed techniques will be considered originals
when they are signed by hand by the author, who must indicate the techniques and software used on the competition application form.
c) The original files of works produced by digital or mixed techniques must also be sent, either on CD, DVD or flash drive.
d) The format of the works cannot exceed the European standard A3: 420 x 297 mm.
e) Cartoonists are permitted to submit to the competition one original entry in each of the three categories of the salon:
Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Gag Cartoon.
f) It is an essential pre-requisite for eligibility that the works were originally printed between
January 1 and December 31, 2017 in printed newspapers or magazines, published on a regular basis and on sale to the public,
or in professional online publications of recognized journalistic nature.
g) As proof of compliance with the preceding paragraph, each original must be accompanied by the respective
full page of publication, on which the date and title of the newspaper or magazine is clearly visible
(note that cuttings, pasted versions,
photocopies or digital prints of the publication are not acceptable).
h) In the case of on-line media, each original must be accompanied by a high-resolution print of a screenshot
of the page on which it was published, where the date and title are clearly visible, authenticated
on the back by the publication’s editor.
i) To confirm the admissibility of cartoons published online, the link to the publication page must be correctly
filled in the registration form and remain functional until March 31, 2018.
j) The author must attach the heading of the newspaper or magazine in which the competing works have been published,
with size and quality that allows their reproduction.
k) If the original work appears with a title, caption or any other wording, these must be translated into English,
to be clearly written on the identification label that will be sent with the original.
l) The works that compete in Caricature should mention the name of the caricatured ones. m)
The participating works should be received by the organization’s secretariat in Lisbon by January 31, 2018.

a) Participating works must be posted in flat packaging, between two hard boards.
b) On the packaging, clearly visible, the words “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE” should appear.
5. WORKS AND AUTHORS IDENTIFICATION a) Each of the works for submission must carry an entry form and identification label,
clearly filled in, and attached to the reverse side of the original.
a) The Jury of five members will be presided by the Salon director.
b) The WPC organization, under the management of the chairman of the Jury,
shall select the original works to be included in both the exhibition and the catalogue.
c) It is up to the Jury the award of prizes and honourable mentions.
d) The decisions of the Jury will be taken by majority vote and will be final.
a) All of the works which comply with the terms of eligibility will be returned to their authors,
whether they are selected or not to appear in the exhibition, except for works that have
won a prize or an honourable mention in the competition.
b) All exhibited works will be returned after the closure of the main exhibition in Caldas da Rainha and subsequent tour exhibitions.
c) Digital prints will not be returned.
d) The author must provide his/her full postal address as indicated on the application form, including street,
town/city, postcode and country.
e) For purpose of works and catalogue expedition, Postal Office Box numbers are not accepted.
a) Authors whose works are selected to the exhibition will receive a copy of the catalogue.
a) The submission of a completed entry form and identification label will automatically imply the waiving
of the author’s royalties vis-à-vis the non commercial reproduction of his/her work.
b) The awarding of a prize to a specific work will automatically imply the waiving of its author’s royalties
to the organization of the World Press Cartoon.
a) The structure of the prizes will be as follows:
GRAND PRIX    € 10 000   
EDITORIAL CARTOON  1st Prize  € 3000  2nd Prize  € 2000  3rd Prize  € 1000  
  CARICATURE  1st Prize  € 3000  2nd Prize  € 2000  3rd Prize  € 1000
   GAG CARTOON    1st Prize € 3000   2nd Prize  € 2000  3rd Prize  € 1000 
b) Chosen from all the entries in the competition,
the World Press Cartoon will award the best work with the Grand Prix of 10 000 euros.
c) The Grand Prix winning work will be chosen from the three first-prize winners.
d) The Grand Prix winner will only receive the amount indicated for this prize, i.e., it will not be added to
the amount indicated for winning the category first prize.
e) The prize values indicated above refer to gross amounts and therefore are subject to Portuguese taxation at the rate in force.
f ) According to the standard of the works submitted to the competition,
the Jury reserves the right not to award prizes in every category and level indicated in the table above.
g) All the prizes will be authenticated with a diploma and the winners will receive a trophy.
h) The nine prize winners will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony to be held in Caldas da Rainha in the Spring of 2018.
i) In addition, the Jury is permitted to select other works for the distinction of Honourable Mention,
which will be symbolised by a medal and authenticated by a diploma.
j) All prize-winning works and those awarded honourable mentions become the property of
the World Press Cartoon organization.
k) Every newspaper or magazine in which a prize-winning work was published will receive a diploma
in recognition of the World Press Cartoon award.
l) Every artist whose work is selected to appear in the exhibition and catalogue will receive a certificate to mark
the participation in the salon.
send your works, by ordinary mail, to:
Concurso Internacional World Press Cartoon
AP. 1179 EC Picoas 1050-001 Lisboa – Portugal

if you use Express Mail, TNT, DHL, Fedex, UPS, send to:
Concurso Internacional World Press Cartoon
Av. Ressano Garcia, 36 ,1º Dº 1070-237 Lisboa Portugal

القسم الفارسي
بخش های مسابقه
1/ کارتون مطبوعاتی (در ارتباط با اخبار و مسائل مربوط به سال 2017)
2/ کاریکاتور
3/ کارتون طنز


- آثار ارسالی باید اصل باشد.
- پرینت آثار دیجیتال با کیفیت بالا یا تکنیک های ترکیبی نیز اثر اصل تلقی می شود.
- روی پرینت آثار دیجیتال باید امضای دستی شده و نام نرم افزار مورد استفاده باید در فرم شرکت در مسابقه درج گردد.
- ارسال آثار دیجیتال در قالب سی دی هم الزامی می باشد.
- آثار ارسالی باید در سال 2017 تولید و در نشریات کاغذی یا اینترنتی منتشر شده باشد.
- حداکثر اندازه ی آثار ارسالی باید A3 باشد.
- هر هنرمند در هر بخش می تواند تنها یک اثر ارسال نماید.
- به همراه آثار، باید نسخه ی چاپ شده ی اصل آن در روزنامه یا مجله به شکلی که تاریخ انتشار و لوگوی آن مشخص باشد ارسال شود.
- در ارتباط با آثار منتشر شده در نشریات آن لاین، هنرمند باید از صفحه مورد نظر اسکیرین شات گرفته شده و پرینت با کیفیت آن را با تایید منتشر کننده (پشت صفحه) رسانده و ارسال نماید.
- عنوان آثار ارسالی باید به صورت انگلیسی در پشت اثر درج گردد.
- پشت هر اثر باید فرم شرکت در مسابقه کامل شده چسبانده شود.


جایزه بزرگ: 10000 یورو به همراه تندیس و دیپلم افتخار
جایزه اول در هر بخش: 3000 یورو به همراه تندیس و لوح تقدیر
جایزه دوم در هر بخش: 2000 یورو به همراه تندیس و لوح تقدیر
جایزه سوم در هر بخش: 1000 یورو به همراه تندیس و لوح تقدیر

مهلت دریافت آثار:
11 بهمن 1396

نشانی ارسال آثار با پست عادی:
Concurso Internacional World Press Cartoon
AP. 1179 EC Picoas 1050-001 Lisboa – Portugal

نشانی ارسال آثار با پست های TNT, DHL, Fedex, UPS:

Concurso Internacional World Press Cartoon
Av. Ressano Garcia, 36 ,1º Dº 1070-237 Lisboa Portugal

Raed Khalil

موقع رسام الكاريكاتور السوري رائد خليل | جميع الحقوق محفوظة


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